Bulk Labret / Lip Rings

16G Bulk Mixed Monroe / Labret Rings

You will receive a mixed size and style assortment of ALL the 16G Monroe / Labret Rings that we have instock.   All 16G,  316L Surgical Steel.    Hot Sellers.
This is a great pack if you want a little of everything without having to order each kind separately.

As Low As                             Retail Value
     $0.80 each                       $9.99 - $29.99 each
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16G Bulk Mixed Monroe / Labret Rings
Included in this package...

You will receive 50 mixed pieces approximately 5-6 pieces of each style or type we have instock.  Currently there are 9 - 10 different 16g Monroe / Labret styles available.

50pc Pack
16G Bulk Mixed Monroe / Labret Rings
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